DC PACT (Positive Accountable Community Transformation)

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With support from Department of Health Care Finance, DCPCA is working to understand priorities regarding how to best share social determinants of health data, use technology to bridge sector divides, and facilitate shifting from a reactive system of care to a more proactive response. Building on DC PACT and the existing District health information exchange infrastructure, we're working through September 2019 to answer these questions:


·        How can we gather and share data in a way that allows us all to do the work we're doing better?


·        What technical solutions should DHCF prioritize in order to strengthen connections between clinical and community supports? And


·        How will this result in better individual and community wellbeing?


We want to hear from you about how we can build a system that enables better, more coordinated systems of care, no matter where you are. To that end, we invite you to complete our survey of health related social needs strategies by July 26th. The survey will take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. We are particularly interested in your feedback on current and future efforts to address the social needs of your patients and clients, including specific questionnaires or screeners, or technical tools used within your organization. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at DPoms@dcpca.org or 202-552-2305. 


Who We Are

DC PACT  (Positive Accountable Community Transformation) is a coalition effort of community providers, including social service non-profits, faith institutions, behavioral health providers, hospitals, and community health centers, in partnership with multiple District government agencies including the Department of Health Care Finance, Department of Human Services, Department of Behavioral Health, and Department of Disability Services. DC Primary Care Association serves as the Collective Impact “backbone” organization, guided by an Advisory Council.   DC PACT seeks to identify and address social challenges that create health disparities by linking safety net provider organizations in the District.

Vision and Mission

Vision: DC functions as a seamless accountable health community that
addresses unmet social needs to improve health and increase equity

Mission: Build the movement to reframe the culture of care delivery to address
social needs, improve health outcomes, and increase health equity in the
District of Columbia

Strategic Goals: By December 2020…

• Standardize social needs screening citywide and establish DC PACT
expertise on analysis, reporting, and dissemination of social needs/health
outcomes data

• Position DC PACT as a clearinghouse and hub for health system action to
address social needs and improve health equity

• Leverage a bidirectional cloud-based health information exchange to
identify the social needs of patients, facilitate high quality care
coordination, and enable staff to provide effective referrals that can be
tracked in a standardized process

• Standardize shared measurement assessment among DC PACT members
for the purposes of reporting, analysis, and dissemination of population social health data

Our Work

DC PACT is working to test the theory that the District has much of what we need to thrive, if we align our resources around our community’s needs and strengths.

DC PACT seeks to build a health network that systematically and consistently identifies and addresses unmet social needs and expands the capacity of all partners to function as a seamless accountable health community over time and across sites of care.

DC PACT has adopted the collective impact framework to envision and undertake its work. The collective impact framework is a structure to address complex social challenges that require multi-sector alignment. In some successful collective impact initiatives, the changes in organizational behavior that result from intentional alignment toward a common agenda have impact even without significant new resources or innovations. DC PACT remains open to the emergent solutions that may spring from committing to shared goals. 


Our Members

AmeriGroup DC
AmeriHealth Caritas DC
Bread for the City
Capital Area Food Bank
Capitol Hill Group Ministry
CareMore Health
Children’s National Medical System
Children’s Law Center
Community Connections
Community of Hope
DC Behavioral Health Association
DC Greens
DC Hospital Association
DC Primary Care Association
Family & Medical Counseling Services
Food & Friends
George Washington Hospital
Health Services for Children with Special Needs
Hillcrest Children & Family Center
Howard University Hospital
Institute for Public Health Innovation
La Clínica del Pueblo
Leadership Council for Healthy Communities
Mary's Center
MedStar Hospitals
Providence Health System
Regional Primary Care Association
So Others Might Eat
Trusted Health Plan
Unity Health
Vitas HealthCare
Whitman Walker Health

Government Partners:

DC Health
Department of Behavioral Health
Department of Disability Services
Department of Energy & the Environment
Department of Health Care Finance
Department of Human Services
Interagency Council on Homelessness
Fire and Emergency Management Services

2019 Action Team Objectives 

CoRIE Action Team

1) Engage social health sector on standardized screening and data sharing; promote citywide

2) Assess stakeholder priorities and technical requirements for citywide data sharing system

3) Develop resource inventory of community support programs and organizations

Shared Measures Action Team 

1) Develop an approach to create shared measures at coalition, community, and individual level

2) Begin planning for how DC PACT will take action on shared measures

Upstream Action Team

1) Begin development of DC PACT upstream work through participatory asset mapping

2) Map out opportunities for shifting health care to social spending and develop DC PACT action strategy


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