DC PACT (Positive Accountable Community Transformation)















Who We Are

DC PACT  (Positive Accountable Community Transformation) is a coalition effort of community providers, including social service non-profits, faith institutions, behavioral health providers, hospitals, and community health centers, in partnership with multiple District government agencies including the Department of Health Care Finance, Department of Human Services, Department of Behavioral Health, and Department of Disability Services. DC Primary Care Association serves as the Collective Impact “backbone” organization, guided by an Advisory Council.   DC PACT seeks to identify and address social challenges that create health disparities by linking safety net provider organizations in the District.

Problem Statement, Vision and Mission

Problem Statement: Racism and the lack of accountability, alignment and investment has led to inequitable social conditions, health and well-being outcomes

Vision: DC functions as a seamless accountable health community that provides care and the social conditions for racial equity, health equity, and community well-being

Mission: Build the movement to create a seamless accountable health community that achieves equitable individual and community well-being in the District of Columbia through community leadership, policy change, infrastructure development, and care improvement

Strategic Goals: By December 2024…

• Successfully incorporate social risk management into DC Medicaid value-based payment and quality improvement forums

• Implement DC PACT communication strategies to promote and sustain health system dialogue and action on SDOH

• Ensure all relevant DC PACT partner staff are using DC HIE-connected solutions for social risk assessment and analytics, resource location, and care team coordination

• Leverage citywide well-being assessment to drive health system accountability to community-defined progress measures on SDOH

Our Work

DC PACT is working to test the theory that the District has much of what we need to thrive, if we align our resources around our community’s needs and strengths.

DC PACT seeks to build a health network that systematically and consistently identifies and addresses unmet social needs and expands the capacity of all partners to function as a seamless accountable health community over time and across sites of care.

DC PACT has adopted the collective impact framework to envision and undertake its work. The collective impact framework is a structure to address complex social challenges that require multi-sector alignment. In some successful collective impact initiatives, the changes in organizational behavior that result from intentional alignment toward a common agenda have impact even without significant new resources or innovations. DC PACT remains open to the emergent solutions that may spring from committing to shared goals. 


Our Members

AmeriGroup DC
AmeriHealth Caritas DC
Bread for the City
Capital Area Food Bank
Capitol Hill Group Ministry
CareMore Health
Children’s National Medical System
Children’s Law Center
Community Connections
Community of Hope
DC Behavioral Health Association
DC Greens
DC Hospital Association
DC Primary Care Association
Family & Medical Counseling Services
Food & Friends
George Washington Hospital
Health Services for Children with Special Needs
Hillcrest Children & Family Center
Howard University Hospital
Institute for Public Health Innovation
La Clínica del Pueblo
Leadership Council for Healthy Communities
Mary's Center
MedStar Hospitals
Providence Health System
Regional Primary Care Association
So Others Might Eat
Trusted Health Plan
Unity Health
Vitas HealthCare
Whitman Walker Health

Government Partners:

DC Health
Department of Behavioral Health
Department of Disability Services
Department of Energy & the Environment
Department of Health Care Finance
Department of Human Services
Interagency Council on Homelessness
Fire and Emergency Management Services

Does your organization want to join DC PACT?