What United Medical Center’s Struggles Mean For Health Care Equity In D.C.

More than a year ago, D.C. officials brought the private consulting firm Veritas on board to manage the city’s only public hospital: the struggling United Medical Center in Southeast. In the time since, that company has failed to meet its financial goals for the hospital, generating only a tenth of the extra revenue it predicted it would create this fiscal year. In addition to financial challenges, reports abound of poor health care at UMC (the obstetrics ward was shut down temporarily earlier this month) as well as inadequate administrative oversight and operations. The Washington Post recently reported about one family that says it learned a loved one had died a week after his passing – only after it visited the hospital to see him. Kojo checks in on the challenges of improving United Medical Center and what the hospital’s struggles mean for health care across the city.


  • Peter Jamison Reporter, The Washington Post; @petejamison
  • Wayne Turnage Director, District of Columbia Department of Health Care Finance; @DCHealthCareFin
  • Tamara Smith President & CEO, DC Primary Care Association; @DCPCA