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DCPCA: 1620 I Street NW, Ste.300, Washington DC 20006

Time: 9:00AM - 2:00PM

Facilitator: James Woulfe, Senior Project Manager, BOLDplanning 

Training Overview:  The development of comprehensive and user-friendly Healthcare Emergency and Continuity Plan (HCECP) is of vital importance to  health centers for emergency preparedness. Health centers must be prepared to continually meet patient care responsibilities
in the face of a major disaster as well as during small, routine disruptions.

BOLDplanning's Emergency Continuity Plan (ECP) software has been selected to assist with the development of these HCECPs for DCPCA-member health centers. 

Learning Objectives:

In workshop #1, BOLDplanning will train health center staff on the use of the software tool and health center's will review the first draft of their facility-level plans that have been set up by BOLDplanning using health center's information. 

Who Should Attend:

  • Emergency Preparedness Task Force Members
  • Any DCPCA-member health center operations and administrative staff involved in emergency preparedness


*The same workshop will be held on two days: September 11th and 12th. Please select the date that works best for your team. Participation in this training is required to receive and use the software for emergency preparedness.*





For questions, please contact Megan Loucks, Director of Quality Improvement at mloucks@dcpca.org.