Over the past few months, DCPCA has been working with health centers to successfully complete the upgrade of their eClinicalWorks EMR to version SP2, which allows the practice to implement the browser version (version 10e) of the EMR.  As part of our upgrade support efforts, DCPCA provided on-site technical assistance and two days of on-site training, covering eCW upgrade features as well as refresher instruction on billing and clinical functions, at each health center facility.

DCPCA is working with CRISP to develop enhanced HIE tools that will support provider participation in the My Health GPS (MHGPS) program.  DCPCA is focused on the development of an electronic OB Assessment & Authorization process that will facilitate the submission of OB data to the MCO community.  We are also charged with managing the connection of new MHGPS practices to the HIE and to enable their access to enhanced HIE tools.  Finally, we are implementing a Population Health Analytics Dashboard, using the HealthEC Population Health Analytics platform, to deliver a set of analytics and reporting tools that will allow MHGPS providers to have greater insight into the health histories of their assigned patients and, thereby, facilitate their MHGPS panel management efforts.  We expect initial implementation of the tools to be completed by 9/30/2017.   

The District of Columbia Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) has partnered with DCPCA to now provide free MEIP and Meaningful Use technical assistance through eHealthDC, a DCPCA program, to collect first-year payments of $21,250 per provider through successful DC MEIP attestation. The final deadline for eligible providers who have not previously attested for the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program (MEIP) through DC or another state has been extended to August 31, 2017.