HIT - Population Health Management

DCPCA held the HealthEC Practice Level Reporting demonstration on Thursday, June 8, 2017. I hope folks found the enhanced reporting capabilities exciting and useful in supporting your organization as you move forward with the various initiatives that are getting underway. We look forward to your continuing feedback on the usefulness of HealthEC as we continue to make enhancements to it in the coming months. 


The following recaps some of the highlights of the demonstration:

  • DHCF Medicaid claims data thru 4/30/2017 is now available in HealthEC
  • All the new practice level reports have been deployed and are available to begin using. Please let us know if you encounter any unusual situations with these reports that we need to research/resolve.
  • HealthEC is receiving real-time admissions, discharge and ER Visit notifications from CRISP.
  • HealthEC is finalizing the connection with CRISP to begin receiving the hospital CCDA data for our patients. This is expected to be in place before the end of June.
  • HealthEC is still optimizing the system to enhance performance. So over the next few weeks the response time when filtering and sorting various reports will improve.
  • The Health Home 2 (HH2) patients are being uploaded into HealthEC this weekend and should be available for reporting early next week.
  • Patient attribution is primarily based on the monthly membership roster that each practice generates and provides to HealthEC. The practice’s HH2 roster provided to HealthEC also determines the patient attribution. Additionally, patients receiving services at multiple organizations will be attributed to an organization based on frequency of visits and type of provider.
  • HealthEC is working with DHCF to establish a schedule for uploading new claims into the system. The goal is to get newly paid Medicaid claims into HealthEC within a 2 week period, but we’ll accept a monthly update of claims if that’s the best DHCF can do.


HealthEC did record the demonstration they provided and if you would like access to the file, please contact jcostello@dcpca.org