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DCPCA: 1620 I Street NW, Ste.300, Washington DC 20006

Time: 12:00PM - 4:00PM 

Facilitator: Megan Loucks,  Deputy Director of Quality Improvement and Informatics, DCPCA 

Training Overview: The Quality Improvement (QI) Boot Camp is geared towards new clinical staff members and members of your organization’s QI committee. The Boot Camp is free for DCPCA members. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss key QI principles including the Model for Improvement, PDSA process, SMART goals, and quality measures.  We will apply the concepts learned to real-life case studies through hands-on group exercises.

At this session, you will

  • Understand core principles of quality improvement (QI)
  • Practice utilizing key tools to implement effective QI
  • Practice developing a PDSA plan
  • Practice creating SMART goals and selecting appropriate quality measures

Who Should Attend

  • New clinical staff and other frontline staff that work with patients
  • Members of QI teams


Registration Cost: FREE for DCPCA Members

Space is Limited!!!




For more information about the "Quality Improvement (QI) Boot Camp - Part II",
contact Megan Loucks, Deputy Director of Quality and Informatics: