Quality Improvement - Initiatives

The DCPCA Quality Improvement team and the DC Department of Health hosted a DC3C Project Kickoff on December 8th. As we enter the 3rd year of this project, DOH is expanding the focus of this program to encompass comprehensive cancer prevention activities for colorectal cancer, cervical cancer and breast cancer. This project also includes education and tools to increase referrals to tobacco cessation interventions. Participation gives health centers access to detailed quality performance dashboards on all four topic areas, as well as specialized technical assistance, training, and tools from DCPCA, DOH, and the CDC. Clinics will work with DCPCA and DOH to implement evidence-based interventions to improve cancer screening and prevention. 

We are excited to partner with DC Department of Health on the Million Hearts State Learning Collaborative. In support of Million Hearts, this January, DCPCA will begin a 5-part monthly webinar series on best practices for improving hypertension and diabetes care for our DC residents. Each webinar will include real-world examples from practitioners in the field. Upon each webinar, attendees will receive resources related to each topic to support their health centers chronic diseases management efforts as well as group-level technical assistance opportunities and coaching calls.


Topics covered during this 5-part series include: 

 1.         Chronic diseases self-management education and workshops

2.         EHR innovations for improving hypertension and diabetes

3.         Diabetes services and referral programs within DC Metro area

4.         Bridging the gap in care through DC pharmaceutical opportunities

5.         Behavioral health interventions to influence patient lifestyle changes


Stay tuned to our training calendar for more information.

DC Primary Care Association and Primary Care Development Corporation are excited to invite you to final learning session of the Care Management Learning Collaborative. This session is designed to be interactive skills building engagement for your improvement team  and care management team which should include a clinician representative (physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant), a care manager or care manager supervisor, an administrator or quality improvement specialist, and representatives from nursing, behavioral health, medical assistants, or front desk staff as appropriate. At the learning session, we will also review and evaluate the data collected by the health centers. The process data you are collecting as part of this collaborative will continue to be a key component to help inform your improvement work and sustainability efforts. 

We are looking forward to a full day of learning and sharing on October 12th.

You can register today: http://conta.cc/2fP7Nj4