Emergency Preparedness Manager

Michelle Ezeofor is a very driven individual with a passion to serve the community and is currently serving in her role as an Emergency Preparedness Program Manager at District of Columbia Primary Care Association (DCPCA).  Prior to joining DCPCA, Michelle was employed as an Emergency Management Specialist at the Prince George’s County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.  Michelle’s journey in Emergency Management was initiated in 2001 where she began her extensive studies and training in Firefighting and Emergency Medical Services.  She has maintained her service as an active volunteer Firefighter/EMT for nearly seventeen years.  Aside from working in public safety, Michelle has also maintained employment experiences in medical training and education, emergency medicine, and public health.  Michelle currently holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Emergency Management and possesses various certifications directly related to her field.  Michelle seeks to obtain further education and experience to better serve local communities.