EHR Data Manager

Mike Smoot is the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Technical Coordinator at DCPCA. Mr. Smoot joined DCPCA in August 2008. His responsibilities include assisting our supported health centers with their custom reporting and data extraction needs as well as conducting custom report training.

Prior to joining DCPCA, Mr. Smoot was Senior Application Developer at Whitman-Walker Health (formerly known as Whitman-Walker Clinic), a non-profit community health center specializing in HIV & LGBT care. He served the community by maintaining the health center’s custom patient health record and reporting system, which was vital to providing optimal patient care prior to the adoption of a certified electronic health record system.

Mr. Smoot has 16 years of experience in Health Information Technology. He is passionate about ensuring that all DC residents receive the best health care possible by providing accurate clinical data that drives better treatment and outcomes.

Mr. Smoot is a native Baltimorean but has worked his entire career in the District. He currently resides in Baltimore with his wife and children. In his spare time, Mr. Smoot loves to coach and mentor youth in his hometown.