Director of Policy and External Affairs

Patricia Quinn has more than 20 years’ experience promoting the health and wellbeing of
children, youth, and families through public policy analysis, advocacy, and organizing. As
executive director of the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy from 2008-2013, Mrs. Quinn lead the only organization in Massachusetts dedicated to ensuring that state and local policies effectively address the complex issues associated with teen pregnancy. Under Patricia’s leadership, the Alliance enhanced its collaboration with policymakers, the media, and local, state and national partners, resulting in a teen birth rate that is lowest on record.

Patricia has a strong track record of advocacy wins at the state and city level with both legislative and administrative bodies. In the past decade, she led successful efforts for sex education policy change in two of the largest school districts in Massachusetts (Boston and Springfield). She developed and executed an aggressive annual public policy agenda that doubled funding for evidence-based prevention and resulted in more than $30 million in annual investment in teen parent services. Other achievements include launch of an aggressive social media strategy to amplify voices not often heard in the policy arena, and use of strategic frame analysis to create effective policy change campaigns.