Saida Z.
Senior Communication & External Affairs Manager

Saida Z. Durkee is the Senior Policy External Affairs & Communications Coordinator at DCPCA. Ms. Durkee joined DCPCA in November 2009. She is responsible for developing and maintaining internal and external stakeholder communications and coordination efforts.  Furthermore, she is a part of DCPCA’s policy team and works to further DCPCA’s mission and policy objectives.  Ms. Durkee has been a part of multiple departments during her time with DCPCA, and has maintained her vision of promoting the health and well-being of all DC residents.

Prior to joining DCPCA, Ms. Durkee worked in marketing and design, managing the development and implementation of multiple publications in regards to content both written and visual.  She maintains her work outside of DCPCA with organizations both in the US and Africa, and actively works to promote their causes.

Ms. Durkee was born in New Mexico and raised in Alexandria, Egypt, moving back to the US for High School.  She attended and received her undergraduate degree from Virginia Commonwealth University studying Sociology and Fine Arts.  Ms. Durkee now resides and works in Washington, DC. She is an active Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitive athlete, and continues her artistic endeavors during her free time.