eCW Specialist & Trainer


Valerie Berry is the eCW Specialist/Trainer. She works with all the health centers training front office, clinical staff and physicians; as well as on the eCW HelpDesk.


Ms. Berry has over ten years of experience in Public Health directing programs in non-profit (YWCA of Western Massachusetts Pregnant Adolescent Girls Education Program) and state government (Massachusetts Public Health Department-The Springfield Adolescent Health Project) and over five years in Health IT Training and Implementation.


Prior to joining DCPCA  she was an eCW Training Specialist at Med Express (ME) Urgent Care Centers.  She conducted training in a number of states where the ME centers are located.


Ms. Berry is a Native Californian and has been on the East Coast since 1994 and the DMV area since 2001. She has a Bachelor’s in Sociology of Law & Society from the University of California Davis and a Master’s in Health Policy and Management from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

She loves to cook, travel and play golf when she can.