DC PACT (Positive Accountable Community Transformation)

DC PACT is hosting a Strategy Retreat to launch us into 2018 focused on advancing our collective impact agenda to build a health network that consistently identifies and addresses the social determinants of health! The session will define our coalition principles and establish and hone our goals and boundaries. Interested in playing a part in setting DC PACT’s course in the year ahead and beyond? Contact David Poms dpoms@dcpca.org for more info, and learn more about PACT here: http://www.dcpca.org/dc-pact

Who We Are

The DC PACT  (Positive Accountable Community Transformation) is a coalition effort of community providers, including social service non-profits, faith institutions, behavioral health providers, hospitals, and community health centers, in partnership with multiple District government agencies including the Department of Health Care Finance, Department of Human Services, Department of Behavioral Health, and Department of Disability Services. DC Primary Care Association serves as the Collective Impact “backbone” organization, guided by an Advisory Council.   DC PACT seeks to identify and address social challenges that create health disparities by linking safety net provider organizations in the District.

Our Goals

  1. Build a health network that consistently and systematically identifies and addresses the unmet social needs of patients;
  2. Maximize resources and collaboration between clinical delivery sites and community service providers to eliminate duplication and close gaps utilizing HIE;

Expand the capacity of all partners to function as a seamless accountable health community over time and across sites of care through increased cross-sector collaboration.

Our Work

DC PACT is working to test the theory that the District has much of what we need to thrive, if we align our resources around our community’s needs and strengths.

DC PACT seeks to build a health network that systematically and consistently identifies and addresses unmet social needs and expands the capacity of all partners to function as a seamless accountable health community over time and across sites of care.

DC PACT has adopted the collective impact framework to envision and undertake its work. The collective impact framework is a structure to address complex social challenges that require multi-sector alignment. In some successful collective impact initiatives, the changes in organizational behavior that result from intentional alignment toward a common agenda have impact even without significant new resources or innovations. DC PACT remains open to the emergent solutions that may spring from committing to shared goals. 


At the recent DHCF MAPing Summit (Measuring, Assessing, Planning the Use of Social Determinants of Health Data in the District), DC PACT was a lead partner in efforts to address social needs in the District’s Medicaid and Alliance programs. The many organizations throughout the health ecosystem already screening for or addressing social needs make evident the need for alignment of multiple initiatives.  The District must not miss the opportunity to link and hone the trickling streams of “mutually reinforcing activities” into a powerful river driving a system toward better outcomes for all.

Our Members

AmeriHealth Caritas

Bread for the City

Capital Area Food Bank

Capitol Hill Group Ministry

Children’s Law Center

Community Connections

Community of Hope

Covenant House

DC Greens

DC Primary Care Association

Family & Medical Counseling Services

Family Voices of DC

George Washington University Hospital

Health Services for Children with Special Needs

Hillcrest Children & Family Center

Howard University Hospital

Institute for Public Health Innovation

Interagency Council on Homelessness

La Clínica del Pueblo

Leadership Council for Healthy Communities

Mary's Center

MedStar Health


Network for Victim Recovery of DC

Providence Health System

Vitas HealthCare

Allied District Government Supporters


Government Partners:

DC Department of Behavioral Health

DC Department of Disability Services

DC Department of Energy and Environment

DC Department of Health

DC Department of Health Care Finance

DC Office of Aging


Community-Clinic Linkages Subcommittee

Goal: Facilitate outreach, development, and capacity building for partnerships between clinical and community organizations that meet the social needs of patients

Vision: Clinical and community organizations will understand how they can plug into the DC PACT network to find partners to address the social and clinical needs of their patients and participants. Through DC PACT, organizations will work to align resources and build capacity to address social needs, thereby increasing the efficiency of resource allocation in the District and improving the health status of residents. Success will mean creating a strategy for building the capacity of all DC PACT organizations to have the resources they need to meet the social needs of patients.

Fundraising Subcommittee

Goal: Position DC PACT to receive sustainable funding to implement  goals related to technology and community partnerships

Vision: Clinical and community organizations have the resources they need to address the social needs of their patients and participants. They will understand how they can partner with DC PACT to build their capacity to address social needs. Key funders and payers will understand how supporting DC PACT activities will result in improved health and social outcomes, including improved health status and allocative efficiency of health resources across the District, and reduced health disparities, and will work with DC PACT to shift policies and funding streams to support meeting the social needs of patients.

Technology Subcommittee

Goal: Develop technology solutions that can link community and clinical organizations for communication and coordination of services for patients with social needs

Vision: DC PACT supports creation of backbone technology solutions that enable organizations in the District providing community and clinical services to interface with a resource directory and referral system that communicates in real time between participating organizations. Success will mean that all relevant clinical and social service organizations are able to find and refer patients to the resources they need to improve their health status.


Does your organization want to join DC PACT?