Health Information Technology 

DCPCA’s HIT Team is responsible for planning, implementing and managing technology initiatives that support the health care delivery operations of our community health center members.  These initiatives include: hosting and supporting the use of electronic health records (EHR) technologies; implementing health data exchange and integration strategies to enable improvements in care coordination; facilitating population health reporting; and providing clinical data reporting services to support the health centers’ QI objectives. The HIT team currently hosts and maintains the technology infrastructure that houses the eClinicalWorks (eCW) electronic health record (EHR) systems used by eight community health center members, and provides training and technical support to health center staff in the effective use of the technology.  We also oversee and support the operations of the HealthEC Population Health Management platform and the Capital Partners in Care (CPC) Health Information Exchange (HIE), which are used by health center members as well as providers at Providence Health Services and United Medical Center. Additionally, our team manages DCPCA’s eHealthDC program, which offers Meaningful Use (MU) technical assistance services to eligible professionals located across the District of Columbia. 

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  • Main Areas of Focus
    • eCW/EHR Operations
      • DCPCA hosts and maintains electronic health records (EHR) for eight community health centers (CHCs) and provides EHR operations training and technical support services to more than 1800 health center staff. Out HIT team provides data management and quality metrics reporting to the DC Department of Health on behalf of participating community health centers to support DC Health’s Cancer Screening and Chronic Care Management initiatives. We also provide technology management support for several population health data acquisition and analysis efforts involving our health centers. In addition, we advocate for the implementation of health information exchange technologies, actively engaging in efforts to build a Health Information Exchange (HIE) network that facilitates transitions of care among CHC providers and across other care settings.
    • CPC-HIE
      • Since 2014, DCPCA has been responsible for overseeing the implementation, governance and management of the Capital Partners in Care (CPC) Health Information Exchange (HIE), which was initially established with funding from CMS to coordinate healthcare delivery and improve health outcomes for the District’s chronically ill residents.  Under DCPCA leadership, the CPC-HIE has expanded to include 13 participating community health centers in addition to ambulatory providers employed by Providence Health Services and United Medical Center.  The CPC-HIE now houses clinical encounter and history data for more than 600,000 unique patients.
    • eHealthDC
      • In 2016, DCPCA’s eHealthDC Program was awarded a contract to provide Meaningful Use (MU) technical assistance and outreach services to eligible professionals enrolled in the District’s Medicaid Electronic Health Record Incentive Program (MEIP). Through this program, we engage with providers throughout the District to deliver expert guidance and hands-on support for their adoption and effective use of EHR and HIE technologies. 
    • DC HIE Policy Board
      • DCPCA holds a seat on the DC HIE Policy Board, where we are charged with representing the interests of the District’s safety net provider community.  As a member of the Board, we contribute to decision-making about the foundational components of HIE in the District and provide input and ‘lessons learned’ on HIE governance, capability and sustainability.  HIT team leadership has recently been reappointed to a 3-year term on the Board.