Health Services for Children with Special Needs

Health Services for Children with Special Needs, Inc. (HSCSN) is a specialty Medicaid health plan that provides care coordination for children and young adults with disabilities and chronic illnesses in the District of Columbia. HSCSN is a key component of The HSC Health Care System's unique structure, which offers an integrated approach to stabilize families and encourage independence by combining the resources of a care coordination plan, pediatric specialty hospital, home health agency and parent foundation.

As the System's care coordination plan, HSCSN's care management network provides a comprehensive set of benefits for eligible recipients between birth and 26 years of age, including health, long-term care and social support services for members. HSCSN started as a demonstration pilot to serve Supplemental Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries and was incorporated in 1994 to develop a national model of managed care services for children with complex health care needs.

Today, HSCSN is a Medicaid care coordination plan serving more than 5,800 members through a dedicated provider network. HSCSN has extensive experience in developing and managing services essential to achieving access to care for vulnerable populations, including intense management of social factors that affect health status. Utilizing a network of more than 2,000 providers, HSCSN coordinates all aspects of physical, mental, behavioral and developmental care and resources.

Member advantages include traditional Medicaid benefits plus an array of expanded health care and wraparound services, such as individualized care management, 24-hour access to care coordination, outreach services, respite care and medically necessary home modifications. Each member has a care manager responsible for coordinating access to primary and specialty care, developing an individualized care plan, and educating the family on how to best prepare for care transitions.

HSCSN is committed to helping members and their families reach their potential and lead more fulfilling lives by expanding access to health care and coordinating the delivery of comprehensive, cost-effective services.

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