Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington (PPMW) has been providing high-quality, affordable health care to women, men, and teens in the metropolitan Washington, DC area for more than 70 years. Its experienced and caring medical staff gives each client honest information and personal attention.

PPMW believes that every child deserves to come into the world wanted and loved; that responsible choices about sexual behavior and childbearing should be based on information and understanding rather than ignorance and fear; that all of us have the right to voluntary family planning services; and that informed, voluntary choices about childbearing contribute to the independence, health, and economic strength of individuals and society.

PPMW provides the following medical and family planning services: birth control options and counseling; gynecological and well-woman care; STI/HIV testing and counseling; screening for HPV, breast, and testicular cancer; pregnancy testing; abortion services, and counseling.

PPMW operates four health centers in the DC metro area – one in the District of Columbia, two in Montgomery County, Maryland, and one in Northern Virginia. PPMW continues to provide high-quality health care options to thousands of patients each year, and continues to nurture its relationships throughout the community.